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About Angle Lifestyle

Angle lifestyle is a company started by Tom Lee and Michael Yuen that focuses on creating high quality and stylish products that feeds the spontaneous and particular character in you. Dare to be different. Live life with an attitude. Walk outside the line once in a while.

Never a straight edge. Always at an angle.

About Michael

Michael Yuen is an industrial designer who was born in Hong Kong and half raised in the States. First finishing a high school degree in Tilton School, New Hampshire. Having worked in the entertainment industry he looks at design with a fun, and adventurous perspective, ranging from toys, office products, to packaging and transportation. Graduating from The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2008, Michael is further enhancing his knowledge of the industry by studying a Masters degree at The Polytechnic University Hong Kong.

Michael is also currently working as a freelancer to gain experience.

About Tom

Tom was born in Hong Kong yet has had design education and work experience in the United States. After acquiring a degree in Architecture in Hong Kong, he traveled to America for an industrial design degree at San Jose State University. While there he participated actively at the local IDSA chapter. He also worked at Krohn Design as an industrial designer. He finally came back to his roots and am pursuing a master's degree of design in design practice at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

When not doing design, Tom is also a freelance photographer who specializes in portraiture and product work.

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