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Mar 31 2010 by Tom

Here are the dart in its original packaging prototype. Despite the package being narrow at the bottom, it would still stand upright easily with majority of the weight at the bottm.

Mar 29 2010 by Mike

Our pre-production sample, at last. The barrels are sand blasted after machining to gain some grip for throwing. The surface is a tin cobalt alloy that is applied on the barrels electrically, forming a shiny finish that protects the brass inside.

Mar 25 2010 by Tom

We were pretty excited when coroflot sent us an email, saying that we were featured on their gallery. Actually, we found out that we were featured first, and then they sent us an email.

Anyway, it has been a roller coaster ride for the past few weeks. We went from a blank piece of paper, and gradually building this little brand of ours called angle lifestyle. There are still a lot more to be done, but the trust and support our friends have in us is amazing, and is the driving force for us. Thank you!

Mar 25 2010 by Mike

Our first set of working prototype!

Mar 24 2010 by Tom

We've been busy with a lot of stuff. Making a video about production, and keeping up with manufacturing problems.

Made a rough cut of the video now, just need to add music and other bits and pieces.

Mar 23 2010 by Mike

Our first set of metal prototypes for the barrel is made!

We are getting quite close to production samples. Switched from FDM to brass CNC machining to get a more accurate feel of how it is going to be like. The metal in hand feels GREAT. Can't wait for the final samples!

BTW the left-most sample is the closest to finished, while the other ones are all tests to get the machining right.

Mar 19 2010 by Tom

Guess what, our first prototype is here!

Here seen with the stock soft tip. It is made using FDM process. Fits nicely between fingers.

Mike is seen working on putting our stock soft tip on.

Mar 15 2010 by Mike

Here are some early renderings of the our first product - the Angle Dart. It is triangular in profile to give the user a more uncomfortable grip, as well as be different from our competition. To our knowledge these are the only triangular darts in the market!

Mar 12 2010 by Tom

Here is our final logo.

Thank you Paula for your kind suggestions, and we love the idea very much!

Mar 11 2010 by Tom

Here is our first draft logo.

Mar 2 2010 by Tom + Mike

Angle lifestyle is born!

We are starting with nothing, but an idea to bring quality products to our customers, who are spontaneous and particular about the stuff they own.

For more information please contact:

Tom Lee:
Michael Yuen:

Never a straight edge. Always at an angle.