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Angle tridart

The tridart is Angle lifestyle's first product on the market. We looked at darts, both expensive ones and affordable ones, on the market, and ask ourselves:

Is there something Angle lifestyle can do?

Introducing the Angle tridart...

tridart - enter the new game.

Drawing inspirations from stealth planes and expensive Italian sports car, the tridart takes an aggressive stance. Instead of blending in, the tridart is proud to stick out from the crowd. The pink color tip and angular flights compliments the triangular profile of the barrel.

why triangular?

Being the world's first triangular dart (as of March 19 2010) has its advantage. It is not available anywhere else, and sure would turn you into the center of a conversation anywhere you go. The triangular shape also gives you a more comfortable grip of the dart and pays homage to the three darts played in a round of dart game.

tridart comes in sets of three.

tridart comes in a package of three.






injection molded highly flexibie polypropylene in pink
CNC lathed high density CZ114 brass, sand blasted and electronically precision coated with Sn-Co alloy
injection molded highly flexibie polypropylene in white
injection molded highly flexibie polypropylene in white
18g +/- 0.1g

Get yours now!

US$167 per set.

Worldwide shippping is included.

A short video of how the Angle tridart is made:

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